Shovel Smarter and Protect Your Back

An average adult will experience one-to-two episodes of back pain each year. Certain activities, like improper snow shoveling, put additional stress on your soft tissues that lead to ligament, tendon, and muscle injuries. Dr. Cole shares his top 5 tips to protect your...

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Here’s How the Pandemic Has Sped Up Aging

The ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have brought us an increased amount of isolation, stress, and a decrease in mobility. Dr. Cole sheds some insight on the physical effects of stress and how this can manifest into an increase in joint and muscle pain in this...

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The 7 Best Pillows for Back Sleepers of 2022

Do you routinely sleep on your back? If so, you may need to spend some time finding the perfect pillow that will accommodate your spine’s needs. Neglecting the proper sleep gear can result in increased back pain and a lower quality night’s rest. In this article with...

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Pain in the neck

Are you experiencing neck, upper back, and shoulder pain? You could be suffering from "text neck." In this article with Costco Connection, Dr. Cole shares his tips to treat and prevent pain related to the improper use of mobile devices, such as cell phones.

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